Looking for a way to promote intense play with others near your ability level?

Consider starting Kings and Queens of the Court at your facility one day a week.


How does it work? 

  • Think of Kings + Queens of the Court as similar to a weekly ladder league, but players’ scores do not carry forward more than one week.
  • Scores from the previous week set the placement on the courts for this week.
  • The higher percentage of points players earn, the higher the court they start on at the next Kings + Queens of the Court session.

How do I start it?

  • To start off your K+Q play, consider having a traditional round robin the first week.
  • Play at least four games to 11 (or 15) and keep track of all scores.
  • Have players randomly pair off with a different player each game.

How are games scored?

  • All games are played to 11 (or 15).
  • There is no win-by-two. Games stop once one side has reached the winning score.
  • Record each player’s score.

How do we rotate throughout the day?

  • Winners on Court 1 stay and split.
  • Losers on Court 1 drop to Court 2 and split.
  • Winners on Court 2 go up to Court 1 and split.
  • Losers on Court 2 drop to Court 3 and split.
  • And so on…

Want to learn more? Want to have a way to automatically calculate players’ placement on the court?

Here are two ways:

Create your own copy of the Google Spreadsheet Kings and Queens solution.

Download an Excel file to create your own Kings and Queens document.